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A bright and energetic group of talent, the Buckingham Interiors + Design studio and staff are located in the equally vibrant West Town neighborhood of Chicago. Led by Julia Buckingham, the team brings her signature style, Modernique®, to life designing interiors that are interesting, warm and curated; where old and new sit comfortably near high and low and where the “rare” helps punctuate the “real” in every room. Julia quietly creates interest in her interiors by choosing disparate objects. Those careful, artful and deliberate choices of accents and materials infuse life and interest into a BID interior. Julia’s interiors maneuver through multiple worlds at once, never colliding but happily residing together. BID offers a full range of design services for diverse and discerning clients around the world. The creative spirit is infectious, with design projects, fabrics, material selections and the latest curated finds being carefully considered in the creative mélange known as BID. The Studio’s work has been featured in leading publications, both in the US and abroad.