How to view website statistics in cPanel using AWStats

When you have a website online, you may want to check on how many people are coming to your website. cPanel has several built in statistic reports.

Please note: The stats may not begin working and updating during the first 24 hours.

The favored program is AWStats. This statistic report gives details about not only the amount of people coming to your website, but also other information like:
- Monthly history
- Days of month
- Days of week
- Hours
- Countries (Top 25)
- Hosts (Top 25)
- Authenticated users (Top 10)
- Robots/Spiders visitors (Top 25)
- Visits duration
- Files type
- Pages-URL (Top 25)
- Operating Systems (Top 10)
- Browsers (Top 10)
- Connect to site from
- Search Key phrases (Top 10)
- Search Keywords (Top 25)
- HTTP Error codes

To access this information, please do the following:
Login to cPanel
Click the Awstats icon
Click the view icon next to the domain name of interest
You are now looking at the statistics for your domain.
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