A full service digital
agency with a passion
for perfection

We enjoy coding. We enjoy the logic behind programming and take pride in our work. Whether it’s coding to change an internal process in a small business, like development of a client management system; to development of larger functionality for established enterprise customers, we are committed to getting it right. And when the project is complete, we take satisfaction in providing you, our customer, with something that not only works well, but is also a pleasure to use.

What we do depends on the needs of our clients. We have experience developing / customizing / troubleshooting for WordPress / Joomla and other open source content management systems. Our team is also proficient coding in PHP/MySQL, Javascript and Jquery.

Our projects are as diverse and varied as our customers. We may be writing code in PHP that will assist in managing data for one client, and work on a tool that will report data for informed decision making for another. From a simple bug fix to adding new multi-layered functionality to an existing website – we do it all.

Our IT support services include IT outsourcing, website development, hosting, social media presence development, e-commerce and marketplace application development, as well as general IT consulting.

Established in 2009 around the idea to develop websites based on content management systems, we have steadily transformed MicroComp LLC into an organization that empowers innovation and client-centric solutions, while keeping the costs to our customers as reasonable as possible.