Web Development – Your Website is a Tool, not a Business Card

We develop websites that serve the needs of our clients and become an extension of their sales team, bringing in new leads and business opportunities. Each website is created with the client in mind. We know the technologies and best solutions and each website we create puts your needs front and central. We can advise on what to do to get better leads, how to create a site that will get you better user experience, higher conversion rates, lower bounce rate and more. We develop websites everyday. And we absolutely enjoy the creative process of coding.


MicroComp builds websites using the WordPress platform

WordPress Development

Our team has years of experience in developing simple and complex WordPress based websites. If you are looking to get a system that can support complex processes and functions and have extremely simple backend management system a WordPress based website will get the job done. Check out some of the WordPress websites we have built in the past here.
MicroComp designs and develops websites on the Joomla Platform

Joomla Development

Looking to create a site in Joomla? Already have a system that needs enhancements and upgrades? We have been developing sites based on Joomla content management system since the inception of Joomla back in 2005. Check out some of our work in Joomla here.


Graphic Design Tailored to Your Needs

You have a five second window before your user clicks out of your website, within those five seconds your website needs to engage your audience, grab their attention and make a sale. We know how hard it is to keep up with ever decreasing attention span, that's why our graphic design and layout approach always takes into account your preferences, the realities and best practices of your industry as well as a design that leaves a lasting impression.

eCommerce - Fostering Conversion

A successful e-commerce store is a mixture of technology, appealing design, right API integrations that will create seamless shopping environment that fosters conversion. This, coupled with a  backend that makes it easy to manage orders and inventory is what we do. Talk to us about your eCommerce store, we can help.



Website Support and Maintenance - A Better Way to WordPress

Making certain your website remains updated and fine tuned for daily operation is a priority and it’s why our support and maintenance service is one of the most popular services. We provide high-level support and maintenance making sure that your website is always upgraded and backed up. Learn more

Coding Languages and Platforms - Keeping up with the Technology

One of the most exciting aspects of what we do is the constant learning, constant improvement of our skills and knowledge since technology and coding languages change constantly. Some of the key technologies we are proficient in are:

PHP/MySQL | JavaScript | jQuery | Ajax 

Some of the key platforms we are experts in:

WordPress | Joomla | osCommerce | WooCommerce | Vituemart | OpenCart  



Hosting - Virtually Unlimited Formula

We provide a no-nonsense hosting. Each account on our servers starts with a limited number of space and bandwidth, once you use 80% of that space we double the space allocated to your account, once you reach 80% of resource on the new limit the space gets doubled again giving you a virtually unlimited hosting. Our hosting is set on cPanel and comes with a lot of features for the same low price. Learn more about our hosting features.