We are a team of developers and graphic designers located in Los Angeles who help businesses, individuals, and start-ups create better websites.

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We have extensive experience developing responsive/mobile-friendly websites. No matter who your potential user is a considerable portion will be browsing your site through a smartphone and we will make sure that your site adjusts according to your user's screen, increasing exposure and helping you generate more leads or sales.


Graphic design tailored to your needs is the first step to getting your website working for you. Each element and the overall design concept is devised based on your goals. This will help you retain more users and get more leads.

Wireframes developed by Micro-Comp.com

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We develop great WordPress websites


Our team has years of experience in developing simple and complex WordPress based websites. If you are looking to get a system that can support complex processes and functions and have extremely simple backend management system a WordPress based website will get the job done. Check out some of the WordPress websites we have built in the past here.

Micro-Comp.com builds websites on the Joomla Platform


Looking to create a site in Joomla? Already have a system that needs enhancements and upgrades? We have been developing sites based on Joomla content management system since the inception of Joomla back in 2005. Check out some of our work in Joomla here.

eCommerce websites developed by Micro-Comp.com


We are strong believers in eCommerce. Our team has experience developing for all the main e-commerce / shopping cart platforms, from osCommerce to OpenCart, to Shopify to plugins and components like WooCommerce and Virtuemart. You can check out some of our eCommerce work here. Talk to us.

SEO marketing with lead generation as the core goal


"Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!" - P. T. Barnum

This is true for any website.
Once your site is up and running we can help with SEO to get relevant traffic to your site and help you grow.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Hayk and Gina at Micro-Comp were top-notch all the way! From my initial request for preliminary info/quote, they and their team were attentive, professional, quick to respond, and their prices can't be beat. Helpful, accommodating, very thorough, and creative. They also trained me so that once my site was up and running, I am able to go in and add/edit content. They answered my flood of questions with patience and in depth, until I had full satisfaction and comprehension. As I started my company, and I dealt with countless service providers, the ONLY ones that outperformed, delivered AHEAD of schedule, and not only met but exceed my expectations was MicroComp. It was a refreshing change. I will be recommending them HIGHLY to anyone seeking a new website. I am pleased beyond words and wish them tons of success.

Tenny A. - http://lemonettedressings.com

Fantastic! MicroComp did a great job on my website. Hayk was very friendly, did a great job in explaining things I didn't understand. He made sure the website was working the way it was supposed to and didn't hesitate in making changes without charging me extra for the service. They provided the best quote for me so you can't get a better price than here. They were responsive to my needs and made changes when I needed it. Also, they provided a quick training session where they taught me how to edit the website as I needed. It was easy to understand and thorough in the work. Overall I'd recommend MicroComp, their service was great and the price for editing my website was superb and didn't hesitate to change without charging me extra.…

Edward R. - http://www.exclusive-review.com/

I'm a fan of MicroComp. I had previously been scammed by other web designers on two different occasions. When I found Micro Comp, not only do they have an office where you can go visit them, they communicate back instantly when you need something. They provide fast and instant service. I recommend them and will keep using them as my web designer and maintenance company. Very nice and most of all, speed oriented which is what I need.…

Angie B. - http://www.precisiontitaniumproducts.com/

MicroComp created my business web page with a database and search function. Hayk was always available to discuss the web page to make sure it was being built to my requirements. He put together a very high end project for an excellent price that far exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend him and his company.

Greg C. - http://www.qmecheck.com/

I have worked with MicroComp's team and find them to be incredibly professional, reliable, and affordable. Their customer service is excellent and they deliver on time and on budget. I look forward to a continued relationship with MicroComp...

Jedd G. - http://www.tastemakermom.com/

We have gone through many web developers over the years, and MicroComp has exceeded them all in timeliness, competency, and expertise. It is such a relief to know that whenever we need web updates or run into any hiccups, we are in good hands (and quickly, might I add). Hayk is a joy to work with. He is very reliable and flexible-- and he is always helpful when I need some advice/feedback on structural issues/design. I definitely recommend Hayk and MicroComp!

Kate M. - http://www.coastlinetravel.com/

I developed my website using a WordPress template and needed to customize and add additional functionality to the site. MicroComp made the changes I explained to them and also made it very easy for me to manage it on the backend admin interface. Hayk was very responsive and informative from our first phone conversation. It was clear to me he understood exactly what I was looking to accomplish and he delivered to my expectations, on time and on budget. I continue to use MicroComp for web development and design projects that are beyond the basic WordPress Template admin interface.

Kerry B. - http://www.kerrybenjamin.com/

MicroComp was an excellent choice for the programming of my own website. They provided wonderful counsel and advice and explained all options and their implications to me. Hayk was collaborative and worked very well with the graphic design team. He delivered results as promised and on schedule! I have already hired him to work on a web project for one of my clients.

Laurie S. - http://www.salmore.com/

When the sophistication of your website goes beyond graphics you need designers who know software database design, deployment and maintenance. The dynamic nature of web service requires the expertise that Hayk and his team possess. These guys know their stuff and have the process in place to deliver on time and on budget!

Peter B. - http://www.drvoip.com/

I have worked with Hayk several times. He is extremely responsive and when I have had a programming or other technical issue, he has solved it immediately. I have been able to utilize the services of his company to add value to my own company. I highly recommend the services of Hayk and MicroComp.

Phyllis C. - http://www.chotincommunications.com/

I highly recommend MicroComp for your web needs. The work is professional and gets done right. Hayk, the owner, makes sure you get what you need before you walk out the door. He did a lot of work for my production company at what was a very fair price, and made sure I was happy and didn't try to up-sell anything. He was patient with me throughout the process and was able to get my website live quickly, something I found other coders and "experts" unable to do. Great work.

Scott F. - http://www.firestoneproductions.com/

I went through several web developing companies until I found MicroComp. Great work! Very happy!! I am really enjoying the site, I think we have a winner here! Kudos to you!

Travis E. - http://www.congregationalehouse.com/

Here are Just a few of the Start-Ups, Established Businesses and Individuals that we have worked With

tastemakermom.com developed by Micro-Comp.com EffectiveCommunicationNow.com developed by Micro-Comp.com Konnect Design Little Fun Club Service Titan Buckingham Interior Design Apparoo App Windsor Smith Monica Wyatt Salmore Congregation Ale House Nikki Martin Juan Barbieri

We at Microcomp feel like we have been blessed beyond measure. We are where we are due to our experiences, knowledge, skills and some amount of luck. In an effort to give back and help those who are in less fortunate positions we are accepting applications from Los Angeles based non-profits who need a website but have no funds to pay for the design and development of a modern looking and functioning website.

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