Google Console Error: This action couldn’t be completed. Try again later. [OR_BACR2_34]

We rely on Google products for various functions within the websites we create, be it using maps, SMTP authentication, analytics, and more. Most of the time, these processes follow a logical path. However, like any technical process, it can sometimes throw unexpected errors. The unexpected error message we experienced yesterday even has a special identifier: [OR_BACR2_34]. It’s like Google’s way of saying, “Hey, we wanted to surprise you with a puzzle today, drop everything and let’s figure this out.”

Now, any search with this error, gives you some background and you quickly realize that this is an issue related to billing. If you’re on a Google Workspace account, resolving this issue is relatively straightforward. However, if you’re using the free Gmail version, it can feel like navigating the Wild Wild West. Support resources and links often assume you already have a billing account or a Google Workspace subscription, making the situation more challenging. For instance, take a look at this support thread: here. Most of the solutions we came across advised contacting support. Yet, when you’re on a free tier, that option can be elusive, and if you have no billing account set up, it is non-existent.

Some users on Reddit suggested alternative approaches, such as changing your browser due to a potential cache issue. Others claimed that you should be able to access support, regardless of your support and account levels. Unfortunately, our experience contradicted this notion.

We even encountered a suggestion to purchase a “readymade account” from a supposed reliable supplier on Telegram, reflecting the growing desperation we felt.

When all hope seemed lost, we resorted to using a different payment card. Surprisingly, it briefly worked, only to result in the account’s suspension because the card didn’t belong to our client. However, after obtaining the client’s card and adding it to the account, we successfully removed the other cards and underwent card verification. Google initiated a temporary charge with a six-digit code under GOOGLE*, which ultimately resolved the issue.

It took patience to troubleshoot this.