Website tips for E-Commerce Websites

Running an e-commerce store? Perfect. As in any business, in e-commerce a poorly maintained websites reflect negatively on a business, trigger negative responses, and turn away the attention of potential customers. Let’s take a look at some of the most basic items that your website should have.

Pricing updates

When you are selling online, it’s absolutely essential that your product pricing is up to date and accurate. Incorrect pricing is one of the top sources of discord between clients and businesses, and can make potential customers feel ripped off. Even if the listed price is lower than the actual price of a product or offering, the error still imparts a feeling of a poorly run business, and it also causes you to lose money! Website maintenance can go a long way in assisting with what can be a time consuming and eternal check for accuracy. Leave the product pricing checks to maintenance, and focus on delivering the best of your product and services to your clients.

Product Changes

Even more frustrating than encountering a wrongly priced product on an e- commerce website, is ordering an item and later finding out that the product is discontinued. Updates in product description and in availability are absolutely essential. From matching the most recent manufacturer’s descriptions, to changing product or part numbers, website maintenance can assist you in keeping up with all of the overwhelming details that are found in the e-commerce website world.

E- Commerce check-out check ups

Business owners would be completely surprised if they knew how often the e-commerce check-out mechanisms that process their payments have frustrating consumer side errors, or even outright failures. Situations like these cause customers to abandon full carts of items, and it drives them right into the welcoming hands of competitors. Monthly website maintenance quickly catches and corrects errors like this, that should be a key part of your CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) process. It assists you in saving the income that you were not even aware you were losing. These are just a few of the long list of items that e-commerce website owners must be sure to pay attention to. When it comes to the amount of time and vigilance required to keep up with all of these items, a monthly, low cost website maintenance plan becomes a no brainer. Contact Raccoon today and see which website maintenance plan is best for you.