No Brainer Tools for Your Website

There are a lot of tools and tricks that can be used today to get more out of your website. The good news is you don’t have to be a developer to be able to use them. Here are some tips we think are absolutely essential for any small business website:

3logosGoogle Analytics – this is a no brainer; it’s free, easy to set up and will give you loads of data to work with. This basic tool can help you understand who visits your website, how long they stay, and where these users are coming from, etc.

Olark Live chat – this is a very effective way to get more leads and keep your potential clients satisfied. It allows you to be more available to assisting them and answering questions and giving feedback. This application is also very simple to set up and use.

Cloudflare security – no one likes to be hacked or to be under attack, but being prepared for one is a must. Cloudflare will make sure that your site is optimized and that any malicious activity is filtered and only real people have access to your site.

We will keep updating this list to have a comprehensive list of essential tools for your website.

Did we miss a tool? Do you think there is a tool/service available out there that is not a part of this list? Go ahead, and let us know about it!