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So you’ve got your website, and it is up, running, and ready for business. But do you just have an online presence, or do you have a warm and inviting ‘web home’ that attracts potential customers and clients to conduct day to day and week to week repeat visits? In order to accomplish this feat, a website must have consistent web improvements and upgrades that attract and keep attention. Knowing these distinct hallmarks that convert a basic website into an inviting ‘web home’ can mean never waiting for your business phone to ring again.

vibrant-websiteBeyond needing to appeal to people, a vibrantly formulated web home will help the search engines to find and index your business. It will also attract inbound linking to your website, and will show your customers that your company is busy and desirable. But who has time to figure out the intricate details of how to make your website continually attractive with consistent web improvements? Here are two very simple, overnight tips that your web designer can easily and quickly assist you with.

Add a blog page

Nothing invites more fresh and consistently vibrant energy into an existing website than adding a blog. In fact, contacting your web designer to add a blog home to your web presence might be the best thing that you have ever done. Your blog becomes a vital and sacred source of information for your clients, and it will make them remember you first whenever they have a need for your products or services. The designers at MicroComp can not only add a great looking blog home that matches your brand, but they can also even provide you with completely original and customized recurring blog content for you to post. It’s as easy as taking the initiative to do it, and it requires almost zero time expenditure on your part. It’s a win, situation, for which your financial benefits easily outweigh the expenditure.

Add a client testimonials page

Adding a client testimonials page to your website design structure is a powerful way to bring personalization and individuality to your website and business. A client testimonials page can make your web presence seem more like a ‘conversation’ with your prior clients, and it encourages your website visitors to see you as a valued partner instead of just as an arbitrary provider. Adding this page into your programming, and updating content as you continue to serve new clients adds a positive energy to the entire website. In addition, according to CEB, 57% of a customer’s purchase decision process occurs before they even pick up a phone to contact you. A website is a huge part of this influence. Adding a testimonials page gives you a significant edge over your nearest competitors.

These small changes in your website can add a big dose of vibrancy that will attract new clients and keep old customers coming back. Contact us today to see how easy the process can be.

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