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When it comes to subscription based websites, be it a subscription box website or a system that accepts recurring payments, there are options to consider and we have implemented several for some of our clients. You can either opt-in and build a whole new system custom coded for your specific needs, or a semi-automated system on WordPress, or sign up with a service like each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages. A system built from scratch will have a heavy cost and if you are trying to get to a minimum viable product (MVP) and test the idea, then you probably would want to consider setting up the website through WordPress or

subscription-box-website-developmentWordPress will give you flexibility in terms of design and functionality and layout and checkout process, but it will need to be connected to a payment processor and the subscriber management would have to be coded either from scratch or you would need to adjust to realities of some plugins, which is not bad to start the business but in the long is not sustainable solution for the management portion. on the other hand will provide both the billing, shipping and the subscriber management tools, while the design and layout infrastructure would need to be implemented within preset templates that have limitations and will not give you enough flexibility or control over the subscription processes of your own website.

Contact us, and we would be happy to discuss your business model and advise you on different options available.

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  1. Ryan Minier

    Hello. Upon reading this article, I feel as I have gone about setting up my website in the wrong way. I paid a website developer to create me a website with a subscription system, however there were technicalities and he was unable to complete the project to my standards, so I am no longer working with him. I will be providing a “Monthly Vape Club” subscription, which allows for my customers to pay $34.99/month to receive 5x 30ml bottles of eliquid, along with a ton of other perks. These perks include free 2-day shipping on every order, a 30% storewide discount on every order, and entries into exclusive Club giveaways & more. My customers will be able to select what flavors they want for each bottle, in addition to their preference of nicotine strength, every single month.(Up to 7 days before the billing period starts most likely). I’m unsure of how I’m going to have the payments work currently, but I assume that I’ll have it so the customer signs up, and receives the monthly vape club subscription in the mail, and then on the 15th of the following month they will be charged, and it will be shipped out after payment has cleared. To make a long story short, is there any way to implement CrateJoy with my website(WordPress)? For example, my normal e-Liquid webstore will keep running on wordpress, however the “Monthly Vape Club” section of my website would be powered using CrateJoy(Purchasing, changing flavors/payments/shipping, ect).
    Thank you very much for your time, I truly appreciate it.
    Ryan Minier,

    • Hayk


      to implement a solution where cratejoy is handling the subscription portion you will most probably need to set it up with a subdomain, and try to work with the templates available at cratejoy to create a similar look and feel.

      That’s not ideal, since a subscriber would have to have two accounts with your system to be able to purchase a single product and a second account through your cratejoy portion for the subscription. You can probably set up the whole thing on WordPress to keep everything within one system. You can use WooCommerce subscription plugin to handle recurring payments. But unfortunately this will not solve the inventory and subscriber management needs you’re going to have. For that, you either need a custom solution or cratejoy is your best bet.

      Let me know if we can help in any way.



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