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Website out of date? Prepare to loose customers.The impression you get when you encounter a website that is old or malfunctioning is hard to forget. Maybe the pages are misaligned between different browsers or devices, or perhaps they bring an unpleasant abundance of fonts and styles, or perhaps the site is not responsive and does not adjust to the size of the screen a user is browsing from. Website failures like this detract from any company’s credibility, and are a sign of poorly built and maintained website.

Of course some of these issues are easily fixable either within the existing website infrastructure or by creating a new site with up-to-date technology and standards. Either way an out of date website is easily fixable, the maintenance of the site, the search engine optimization, ranking for different sets of keyword is probably more important and come right after the site is up and running. Getting relevant traffic, not just traffic, but traffic that is interested in services and products that you offer is what will make your website a tool that works for your business instead of a simple business card that talks about who you are and has a mission statement link.

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