Google Apps for your Business!

The Google powerhouse has been a staple of the online community for years. Even so, many business owners remain unaware of one of the company’s most powerful offerings that place increased productivity right in the hands of any business owner. The program is called Google Apps and with it comes a powerful boost to the daily professional routine. Best of all, Google Apps requires no purchase or installation of software. All you have to do is log in. Let’s take a closer look.

google-appsWhat is Google Apps?

Google Apps is an integrated working suite of multiple web applications that are hand picked and custom designed to provide extensive support to businesses and business owners. Not only will a Google Apps account allow for professional email use, a user will also be able to share work and personal calendars with colleagues, employees, and friends, and any user can take advantage of large amounts of online storage space, video meeting capabilities, and much more. Google Apps is designed to make collaborative work easy, simple, and effective.

Professional Emails & Cloud storage

One of the best and most widely used features within the Google Apps professional suite is the access to professional emails. This means that if you have a unique domain name registered for your company, you can receive all emails for that domain name within the standard Gmail platform. Your colleagues and co-workers can do the same. The system is set up for easy email importation so you don’t have to do without the emails you have been accumulating for years in your current system. Prefer a desktop client? No problem. You can use your Google Apps platform in conjunction with Outlook, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, and many others. You don’t have to worry about space or about saving your documents, because plenty of cloud storage is included!

Online Storage, Shared Calendars, & Helpful Collaboration Tools

Tired of trying to coordinate meetings, edits, and projects across various platforms? With Google Apps all of that is solved. The powerful professional suite allows you to effortlessly synchronize your work environment with that of your colleagues, weather they are stationed in the same office, or across the globe. Google Docs within the app suite allows for back and forth editing of professional spreadsheets and of documents of all kinds. Have an assistant that sets your meetings? Or maybe you have a group of co-workers that require calendar synchronization? It’s all possible and much more in the Google Apps suite.

Video Meetings

If you’re not up to date with video meeting trends you may be losing business. Although it can sometimes seem to be a complex endeavor, the Google Apps suite makes it easy and accessible. Professionals who use the feature not only marvel at the amount of meeting time saved in their schedules, but many also use the feature to record meetings and interviews that serve as powerful video blog content for consumers. Google App video meetings are also ideal for companies that have employees in different cities, states, or countries.

No matter the type of business you have, or how large or small your establishment, Google Apps can help you. Contact us today to get your company up and running with this powerful productivity suite.