Time to upgrade your website! WordPress Version 4.3 is out!

WordPress is an amazing tool that millions of people use in order to make powerful and highly functional web presences for their businesses. But just like a fancy car, it must be well maintained! To that end, the WordPress platform is constantly and consistently being reviewed to make itself better, more productive, and most of all more secure. These advancements routinely come in the form of programming updates. The most recent of these essential WordPress updates, version 4.3, is now out! With the code name of “Billie,” and named after the world famous jazz legend Billie Holiday, this update has a plethora of new features that strengthen the platform. Let’s take at a few of the key upgrades you won’t want to miss out on!

wordpress4.3Text Patterns & Shortcuts

If you are a blogger or a copywriter, or even just a business owner that likes to post useful content and information for your customers and potential clients, this update is sure to leave you delighted. WordPress “Billie” Version 4.3 makes it easier for you to utilize shortcuts for your text formatting. This makes your information posting process faster, simpler, and easier. The days of spending an excessive amount of time in your content editor perfecting posts are now delightfully over. Don’t make your own content changes? Don’t worry! This upgrade makes it easier for your website maintenance team to arrange your content in just the way you want and adds a variety of customization options!

Menu Manager Just got Easier

Have you ever gotten frustrated with managing the menus that are found on your website? With Version 4.3, changing your header or footer menu order is highly simplified and now has a live preview. Even if you are relying on a website maintenance company to do your menu updates as most do, they will have increased flexibility to build much more mobile friendly interfaces that will allow your customers and clients to find what they are looking for much faster, and with less hassle.

Security Improvements

Technology is always evolving, and what was secure yesterday, is a hacking invitation today. WordPress Version 4.3 has multiple security improvements that alone, make this version an urgent, must have upgrade. Not only does the current update ensure increased security from predators looking for your private website programming information, it also increases security for your subscribed users who visit and comment on your content.

Updating your website requires back end technical manipulation of your website, but for ease of process, we can do it for you flawlessly and without upsetting any of the current preferences, design, and programming that has already been set up. Contact us if you need help!