When it comes to websites, simple goes a long way

When it comes to business or professional marketing, a website is one of the most important tools you will create. Not only does it introduce you to new clients, but it also defines your brand, and how you like to do business. But when some entrepreneurs are embarking upon the creation of their web presence, they fall into a trap that is all too familiar. In eagerness to give a potential client all the information that they might ever need about their business, they try to accomplish too much on the website and it all ends up making the entire web presence look cluttered and weighed down. when-it-comes-to-websites-simple-goes-long-wayAt MicroComp, we favor a clean and elegant minimalist design look that is specifically structured to speak directly to your target market without all of the frustrating distractions. Let’s take a look as some of the top benefits of a minimalist website.

It’s easier to navigate.

It’s a basic fact of psychology. When there are too many choices, a person is much more likely to opt out than decide what to pick. The same goes for websites. When all of the non-essential text, design, and clickable links are removed from the equation, the simplicity makes the website much more pleasant to browse, and your web visitor is more likely to spend more time on your pages.

It’s great for branding.

When a website is low on clutter it is easier to see the brand proposition that your business is putting forth. Not only is it easier to see what beliefs your company stands for and what your stance is on customer interaction, it makes what is actually displayed on your website much easier to remember which contributes to the coveted brand recall goal that all marketers dream of.

It loads much faster.

When a website is bogged down with extraneous pages, coding, and heavy design elements, it takes a large amount of buffering time for the world wide web to propagate and load your content. In today’s society where everyone wants things done quickly, forcing your potential clients to wait even five seconds for your website to load can loose you a crucial percentage of your potential new business. Having your website reflect clean and essential content and design will keep your website running smoothly and loading quickly.

It gets to the point…and the ask.

All great marketing endeavors should have an ‘ask,’ that leads the client to exactly where you would like them to go, and a website is no exception. Whether you want visitors to sign up for a mailing list or opt in to a free trial offer, overwhelming your website with non-essential elements makes any ‘ask’ hard to find and easy to miss. Take care to have your website designer incorporate easily visualized content for which your ‘ask’ is very clear.
Micro Comp has many years of proven experience in determining what should and should not be included in an effectively built website. Contact our team for a proposal on how we can help you structure the website home that is best for you.