WooCommerce California Sales Tax Rates CSV

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We are completing a WordPress/WooCommerce based project for a client and he has requested to set up tax calculations for his customers. And everyone involved in development of systems based on WordPress with WooCommerce knows, WooCommerce has several options to set up and collect taxes as required in whatever legal jurisdiction the business is in (Read more about tax set up in WooCommerce):

– Automated tax calculation which requires an additional plugin (WooCommerce Services) and Jetpack to enable WooCommerce Services;
– and manual set up, using the standard rate portion of the Tax tab under WooCommerce > Settings

Try searching for California tax rates css for WooCommerce to set up standard rates. You either get an outdated CSV (from 2014) or a couple of links to purchase the 2020 version. Amazingly all of this is available for free at the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration as a table and as downloadable excel files on California City & County Sales & Use Tax Rates Page. All you need to do is export the blank format of the CSV from the backend and populate it with the data downloaded from the California City & County Sales & Use Tax Rates Page.