You Get What You Pay For

They say you get what you pay for and in a world where costs pop up everywhere we got used to the ‘free’ when it comes to digital content, be it an app on your phone or graphics for a page on your website or the website itself, which is supposed to help you with sales and promotion of your business.

The reality, as you might have guessed, is a bit different.

The free app that you just downloaded to your phone is not free at all, it actually costs you your privacy, your contacts and tons of other stuff that you agreed to when you tapped that “get” button. The free website that you just spent hours/days setting up is not really free and will come at a cost whether you like it or not. The cost of a website not done professionally is in the amount of sales missed or deals not made, because a potential customer was turned down by a website’s look or user unfriendly interface.

A website used to be a glorified business card, take a look at the progression of websites of the design overtime here. Today a website is a tool that helps increase sales and if your website looks anything like the ones from 1995, you need to rethink your approach and talk to us, cause a